Cernos Gel 5 gm also referred to as Testosterone Gel, is a medication used to treat low or no levels of testosterone in men. It belongs to the drug class of androgens.

Brand Name: Cernos Gel
Generic Name: Testosterone Gel
Company: Sun Pharmaceutical
Strength: 1%
Packing: sachet / 5gm sachet

Cernos Gel is widely known as Androgel, Testosterone Gel, Testogel. Cernos Gel 5 is a known brand name of hydroalcoholic testosterone gel, containing 1% concentration by weight. Testosterone gel provides a topical way to deliver testosterone into one’s body, making it much easier and less complicated to use when compared to oral tablets or frequent injections. Approved by the FDA, it is highly considered to administer testosterone for a variety of reasons.


14 pouches – $22
28 pouches – $44
56 pouches – $80
70 pouches – $95
98 pouches – $117
112 pouches – $127

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