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Testosterone enanthate is often referred to as “Test E” or just Test. Its one of the most powerful and androgenic of the injectable testosterone based steroids. It will enable the user to put on muscle mass and increase strength quickly. It gives a feeling of well being. Increases appetite and heightens the sex drive. Its usually taken in does of 250mg-750mg per week. Testosterone enanthate is often stacked with other steroids, both oral and injectable. Its often been used as a hormone replacement therapy for those with little or no natural testosterone of their own. Testosterone enanthate can cause increased masculinity in the user. It can cause increased aggression, more facial and body hair, heightened libido, deepening voice and a more pronounced jaw line. For this reason its not recommended for women.

UK Shipping available. Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml x 1ml amps by Rotex. Brand name Testosterone Enanthate. Item is shipped from the UK.

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