We specialize in the supply of medicines for chronic pain, anxiety, sleep problems, ADHD, addiction and many others. We only sell original medicines that have been tested and approved in a laboratory. Delivers only within the Scandinavian zone (SWEDEN, DENMARK AND NORWAY). We make discreet packaging and shipping to all addresses in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Delivery is safe, secure and 100% guaranteed, as customs does not involve.

Our Prices are as follows

100 pcs costs 1700Kr
150 pieces cost 2000Kr
200 pcs cost 2500Kr
300 pieces cost 3000Kr.

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Our current drugs now in stock include:
Oxynorm 10/20 mg
Xanax 2mg
Diazepam Valium / Stesolid 10mg
Oxycotin 40 mg
Rohypnol 2mg
Suboxone 8 mg
Subutex 8 mg
Methadone 40 mg
Adderall 30 mg
Ritalin 10mg
Morphine 60 mg
Zolpidem / Stilnox 10mg
Zolpiclone / Imovane 7.5 mg
Klonopin 2mg
Fentanyl 100mg plaster
Tramadol 100 mg
Oxycodone 30 mg
Oxymorphone 40mg
Codeine 60mg
Dilaudid 8 mg
Hydrocodone 10/325 mg
Percocet 30mg
Opana 40mg
Duromin 40mg
MDMA 50 mg
Tilidine 100/8 mg
Content 18-36 mg
Mandrax (Quaalude) 300 mg
Codeine syrup
Sobril 25 mg
Stilnox 10mg
Viagra 1000mg
Lyrica 300mg
Seconal 15mg and many others.

We both make small orders of 100 pcs. Minimum and large orders of 5000 pcs. Maximum.