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Provironum is an orally active Dihydrotestosterone preparation. Many athletes and bodybuilders use it because of its strong anti-estrogenic activity. Also it’s very common to use it before anti-aromatases. Especially it can be used in small period after cycle and before Nolvadex or Clomid usage. There are stronger anti-estrogenic agents now but none of them are tolerable in body as Proviron still. It binds some estrogen receptors which is not binding with any other anti-estrogenic agents.

Also it’s very common to see that many athletes and bodybuilders use it because they afraid of losing libido with steroid cycles. It’s true that uncontrolled steroid cycles can kill libido and Proviron with its androgenic effect can recover it in most cases. Many bodybuilders reported that it’s useless for building muscle in man. It’s true that using 50 mg of Proviron before sex increases the performance.

Proviron is so popular because it’s one of the most secure substances possible for women bodybuilders and athletes. But it can produce a faulty anabolic effect to many bodybuilders.

Most common dose is Proviron is two tablets in one take. One tablet is 25 mg and 50 mg is enough if it’s used two times regularly in daily base. Overdose doesn’t make any boost on libido. Also it doesn’t include 17 alpha alkylated compound which is making possible to use it in long cycles.
There are no known mortal side effects of Proviron. Common side effects are headache, mental alertness and menstrual irregularities for women. Pregnant women must avoid using it. Also people with heart, kidney or liver problems must use it in caution.

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