I’m Eric from Online-Peptides Biotechnology. One all of manufacturer for Peptides, HGH 191 aa 10iu and HCG 5000iu, SARMS / Steroids raw powder…… We are safe, convenient and fast.

Why us:

— We have warehouse in USA, EU, Australia ; Safe and fast delivery within USA, EU, Australia. No need to worry about customs problem.
— Best competitive wholesale price. More discounts for bulk order.
— HPLC, COA, MS test reports and GMP Lab certificates are available.

Stock list in US/EU/AU warehouse:

HGH 10iu/vial
HCG 5000iu/vial
BPC-157 5mg/vial
TB-500 5mg/vial
GHRP-6 5mg/vial
GHRP-2 5mg/vial
Melanotan 2 10mg/vial
CJC-1295 DAC 2mg/vial
CJC-1295 no DAC 2mg/vial
PT-141 10mg/vial
IGF-1LR3 1mg/vial
IGF-1des 1mg/vial
Fragment 176-191 5mg/vial

If you necessary and interesting for our products, welcome freely contact!

Looking forward to hearing from you and cooperation with you!

Many thanks!

Eric Xu