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Since April 2009 the RC market has never quite been the same. When the generic cathinone ban came in we thought we may never see another UK legal cathinone hit the market. But we were wrong.

After many years of development (just over 2 we think) we finally managed to crack the bulk synthesis of Mexedrone. Yeah we know you heard it all before but really, it has taken that long. Even a flight over to Asia to meet with a prospective manufacturer fell through. So we eventually teamed up with a European lab for the manufacture. And their quality is superb.

Mexedrone is a true analog of 4-MMC itself. It is a new research chemical that has a cathinone backbone. The molecule falls out of the generic cathinone ban due to its alkoxy group on the 3rd position of the propan-1-one sequence. (Alkyl is solely controlled on the third position of this sequence in the generic definition). The added alkoxy group which is called a methoxy group and means that Mexedrone is totally uncontrolled in the UK and EU.

The result is a product hats similar in effect to 4-MMC aka Mephedrone. It’s a bit weaker and a bit more material is needed for the desired result in your lab experiments but its clearly the most similar thing to MMC and we think the best product in it’s category right now.

Mexedrone aka 4-MMC-oMe comes in crystal form for now, ‘shards’ to be precise. The pure powder form will follow very soon too.

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