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Form: White powder
CAS number: 687603-66-3
Purity (HPCL): ≥98%
In Stock: Yes


Our MDPV is the cleanest you can get with a purity above 99,4%.
We sell this exclusive product complete uncut which makes it almost scary potent and very dangerous for new user.
This is the final batch from a pharmaceutical lab in EU and we bought it completely.
After years of research we are sure that this MDPV is unique and a complete other level than the normal stuff which can be bought elsewhere.
It is a white fluffy powder with no smell and fits perfect for smoking as well as shooting.
You need only a few mg (5mg-20mg) because it is much stronger than cocaine and crystal meth!
MDPV has nicknames like “super coke” and “super crack” for a good reason, so use it with caution.

  • Name: 3,4-methylanedioxypyrovalerone
  • Systematic chemical name:
  • Melting point: 238-239C
  • Purity: 99,48%

What is MDPV?

MDPV is a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring substance cathinone, one of the psychoactive principles in khat (Catha edulis Forsk). Most of the cathinone derivatives are ring-substituted and MDPV contains the 3,4-methylenedioxy substitution pattern on the phenyl ring which is observed in other drugs such as MDMA. Pyrrolidine derivatives, such as MDPV, can be regarded as a subset of cathinone derivatives sharing the same structural skeleton as pyrovalerone.


  • Snorted: Most user describe the effects as a mix of cocaine and crystal meth.
    Dosage: 5mg-20mg
  • Smoked: User describe it as “longer lasting crack”.
    Dosage: 3mg-6mg (you can smoke it in a pipe with tobacco, weed etc.)
  • Shooted: Most user describe it as: “pure rush”.
    Dosage: 2mg-5mg (only use it fresh mixed because it looses most of its potency after a short time in water)

Because its also banned in China, where most MDPV was produced this drug will be very rare and the price will increase dramatically. So don’t wait to long to save a couple g from this superior batch!

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MDPV Price

MDPV HCl. 3g EUR 41.50
MDPV HCl. 5g EUR 62.50
MDPV HCl. 10g EUR 95.00
MDPV HCl. 50g EUR 340.00

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