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3-FP, 3-FPM, PAL-593
Form: Powder
CAS number: N/A
Purity (HPCL): ≥98%
In Stock: Yes


3F-Phenmetrazine is a 3-fluro derivative of Phenmetrazine.
Also known as 3-FP. It is a reseach chemicals with formula C11H14FNO with the exact mass of 195.11 and Molecular weight 195.24.
This novel research chemical may become a new bestseller since most other RCs in the market are cathinone derivatives.
Unique structure of 3f-phenmetrazine makes it legal in most EU countries as well as UK.
However analogue laws may apply in some countries.
So all customers should check local laws before ordering this product (as well as any other research chemical).
In the autobiographical novel “Rush” by Kim Wozencraft, intravenous phenmetrazine is described as the most euphoric and pro-sexual of the stimulants the author used.
Phenmetrazine was taken by The Beatles early in their career.
Paul McCartney was one known user.
So we assume most of our clients would be interested in our 3-FPM.

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3F-Phenmetrazine HCl. 10g EUR 65.00

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