Common name: injection of recombinant human growth hormone

English name: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone for Injection

Major components: recombinant human growth hormone

White lyophilized powder.

Recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) has the same effect with human endogenous growth hormone to stimulate epiphyseal cartilage end cell differentiation, proliferation, stimulate the growth of cartilage matrix cells, stimulate osteoblast differentiation, proliferation, causing linear growth acceleration and bone widens ; promote systemic protein synthesis, corrective surgery after trauma negative nitrogen balance, correcting severe infection and cirrhosis due to hypoalbuminemia; stimulate immunoglobulin synthesis, stimulate the lymphatic tissue, macrophages and lymphocytes proliferation, enhanced resistance to infection; stimulate collagen burn wounds and surgical incisions fibroblast cells, macrophages proliferate and accelerate wound healing; promote myocardial protein synthesis, increased myocardial contractility, reduced myocardial oxygen consumption, regulate fat metabolism, lower serum cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein levels; supplement inadequate or lack of growth hormone, regulating fat metabolism in adults, bone metabolism, heart and kidney function.


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