Key programmer and quick start for Range Rover / Land Rover / Jaguar JLR 2010-2017 available for sale.

Range Rover / Land Rover / Jaguar key programmer, JLR quick start, JLR key emulator, switch, immo crawler, device for emergency engine start when there are no original smart keys or when “all keys are lost” Land / Range Rover / Jaguar 2010-2018

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The device for emergency engine start on Range / Land Rover / JAGUAR 2010-2018 cars with the new firmware version of the KVM FK72 block + smart key programmer on Range / Land Rover / Jaguar 2010-2018 cars with the unlocked KVM FK-72 RFA DPLA module.

The device works through the OBD connector.
It supports cars with the new software module KVM FK72 DPLA RFA.
The device turns off the standard alarm after 2-3 seconds and records the key emulator in the car automatically. After that you can start the car using the recorded key emulator.
The device allows you to start the car engine when the standard security system is turned on when there are no original smart keys or they are lost ..
The device works with a specially prepared emulator key.
A maximum of 8 device emulator keys can be linked to 1 device.
Emulator keys can be purchased separately.
Reusable key-simulator.
The device does not need to connect to a laptop or computer to work.
Attention !! For programming, use only original smart keys !!!

The kit includes:
1 device + 1 key emulator