JLR Range Rover / Land Rover / Jaguar Quick Start 2005-2015 available for sale.

Original device for emergency engine start on Land Rover / Range Rover / Jaguar 2010-2017 cars with a new firmware version of the RFA KVM FK72 block.

Negotiable price – Volume discount – Shipping included – Pay by Bitcoin

The device works through the OBD connector.
It supports cars with the new software module RFA KVM FK72.
On a car until 2016, the device turns off the standard alarm after 2-3 seconds and records the key emulator in the car automatically. After that you can start the car using the recorded key emulator.
To operate the device with a car after 2016, the car must be removed from the standard alarm.
The device works with a specially prepared emulator key.
A maximum of 8 device emulator keys can be linked to 1 device.
Emulator keys can be purchased separately.
Reusable key-simulator.
For operation, the device does not need to connect to a laptop or computer.
The device is updated via the Internet.

In the package is:
1 device + 2 emulator keys.