Code grabber for Automatic Gates, Barriers & RFID Cards available for sale.

Universal Remote Code Grabber & RFID cards ver. 8.0

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Universal remote control for garage doors, automatic gates and barriers…

The best code grabber for various automation. The device supports barriers, gates, roller shutters – which are controlled by remote control.

The universal code grabber for barriers copies the signal received by the barrier from the original remote control and automatically saves it to a memory cell. After that you can open / close the barrier, gates, roller shutters, etc.

Our device completely copies the original remote control and supports all the functions of the original automation remote control.

ADDED to the new version:

1. NORMSTAHL system
2. increased range of reception and transmission
3. improved FAAC spoofing

The code grabber has an LCD screen and a side control wheel (joystick), which makes the device quite convenient and fast to use, and the screen has full navigation with advanced features.

Built-in battery with the ability to recharge via micro USB connector, which allows you to update the device when updates are available and get rid of the problem of replacing batteries.

The device has 4 modes:

1) scan and record mode
2) auto-selection mode
3) jamming mode
4) code substitution mode

At the request of the buyer, you can choose the menu language: Russian / English

– save to memory cells with the ability to specify a name
– online floating signal mode, the ability to set any frequency
– more than 30 memory cells
– backlight and brightness screen settings
– telescopic antenna
and much more

The main feature is not just recording and opening! But the full copying and reproduction of all functions.

We will not list all the supported devices, since its possibilities are endless!

With the code substitution mode, the code grabber can cope with almost all previously impossible tasks.

Tested on all possible devices! The device is much superior to its predecessors!

A convenient menu and quick control makes it the best in the market of automation scanners.

The device is very convenient to use when you have many different devices to use, you can add all your devices to one device and free yourself from losses and hassles.

Or take advantage of the code substitution mode or the autoscan, discovering what you have long dreamed of!

Device features:

Working frequencies: 433.92; 434.4; 315; 868 MHz
Number of memory cells: 50
Instruction: Included
Power Type: built-in battery
Signal Radius: up to 30 m.
Nice FLO Matching Function: Yes
Possibility of independent software update: Yes
Came TOP Matching function: Yes
Code Copy Function: Yes
Work with dynamic code: Yes
Code Replacement Function: Yes
Ether Mute Function: Yes
Manual input of any frequency: Yes (from 300 to 900 MHz)
Antenna: Telescopic