AL-LAD Blotters 150 mcg for Sale shipping from Canada, payment by Bitcoin.

$240 for 90 x 150mcg AL-LAD Blotters shipping from Canada

Price for different quantity (150mcg / blotter)

30 Blotters … $85
60 Blotters … $165
90 Blotters … $240
120 Blotters … $315
150 Blotters … $380

CAS Number: 65527-61-9
Molecular Formula: C22H27N3O
Purity: 99.9% min
High absorbancy perforated blotting paper: 9x9mm

Contact to Order / Payment by Bitcoin

About Us

AL-LAD laboratory one of the most trusted and reliable research chemicals suppliers worldwide. We are the top vendor for customers looking to buy AL-LAD blotters and powder. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality products.

We are a small team of Canada-based researchers who strive to offer unparalleled customer support to businesses and individuals across the world. We invite customers to contact us via the contact form and endeavor to reply within 24 hours

All our products are strictly for laboratory use only and are not approved for human consumption.


Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We ship from Canada.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?
A: We ship worldwide.

Q: What packaging do you use?
A: We use plain, discreet packaging, with no reference to research chemicals or AL-LAD.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: BTC only. There are no exceptions to this.

Q: Where do I find the BTC address to send payment to?
A: Contact us, we will provide it.

Q: Do you offer free samples?
A: No, the minimum purchase is 10 grams. All sample vultures will be ignored.

Q: When will my order be shipped?
A: Your order will generally be shipped within 2-3 business days of us receiving payment.

Q: When will my order arrive?
A: Depending on destination country, from 8 to 15 days.

Q: What if my order does not arrive?
A: If you have chosen a tracked shipping option, your order will be reshipped if it has not arrived three weeks after shipping, unless it has been seized by customs. Your order will not be reshipped if it was shipped by snail mail.

Q: Where is my order/shipping confirmation email?
A: If you have not received a confirmation email then please check your spam box. Most of our emails end up in spam.

Q: Where is my tracking number?
A: You will receive the tracking number in the body of the shipment confirmation email. Example tracking numbers include: EG 123 456 789 CA, RN 123 456 789 CA, MW 123 456 789 CA, PG 123 456 789 CA.

Q: Does AL-LAD ship to P.O. Boxes?
A: Yes, We ship to P.O. Boxes.

Q: Why doesn’t my tracking number work?
A: Tracking numbers usually take 2-3 business days to activate on after shipment, please be patient. If it still doesn’t work after 3 days then please contact us.

Q: Why didn’t you respond to my email?
A: If your question is answered in this FAQ then you’re unlikely to get a response. Additionally, if you don’t take the time to construct proper sentences and instead write gibberish, we won’t respond.